ERE PEREZ Creative Chamomile Eyeduo ILV MAUVE & OLD PINK


Ere Perez was born in Mexico where her family has worked in natural therapies for generations. Her grandfather still practices natural medicine using the healing properties of plants. He shared all his knowledge with her and encouraged her to devote my energies to this area. She arrived in Australia almost fifteen years ago and discovered that Australians have an amazing passion for nature and natural products. This inspired her to develop a makeup range which contains natural ingredients. She says 'For me makeup has never been just cosmetics and therefore I wanted my range to nourish the skin and help women look beautiful both inside and out.

Creative Chamomile eyeduo ILV A creative eyeshadow duo featuring 2 shades: mauve matte and dusty-pink shimmer. The best choice for blue and green eyes. Mineral ingredients combine with natural chamomile for sensitive eyes, classic colours that really last. Apply with the Ere Perez eyeshadow brush for a touch of timeless elegance.