Our journey started as two little sisters sneaking in our mum’s wardrobe putting on her make-up, wearing her expensive leather stilettos and luxurious dresses prancing around. This evolved into a passion for quality clothing and and an eye for fashion. Design and fashion has always been in our lives with a strong European heritage and family trail of seamstresses, we were always destined to be where we are today.

ShopByHeart believes women should:

SHOP with CONFIDENCE- The ShopByHeart woman is  strong, independent, who knows what she wants, when and how to get it. She is cool, sexy and not afraid of being different.

SHOP with EASE- The online experience saves the Heart women the time and hassle of busy department stores. Our online experience is simple and easy to use ... just the way she likes it!

SHOP by HEART- We have carefully selected each brand from our Womens, Childrens, Accessories and a Beauty range and have young emerging international designers who haven’t yet entered the Australian market.  We want the Heart women to be Exclusive!

Most of all, we want you to share our love for fashion and shopping.







About our Blog -Dress like a Celebrity'- 'What a fab outfit, I could be doing with you in my wadrorbe every morning telling me what to put with what I always end up in the same boring combos while the fab clothes stay hanging up because they’re too much effort!! 


About our Blog- Contouring your Face Right- I totally agree with you that ctouonring can be amazing but can also be soooo wrong.As I model my face gets contoured a lot, and it definitely makes a huge difference at I don’t have sky high cheekbones. If done right it can significantly change the shape of your face. Great tutorial.xo Quinn

About our Blog- '5 things you cannot live without this winter- I love Missoni! So happy to hear they are going to be selling their cloelction at Target soon. Keep up the amazing work with your blog. You have greatly inspired me! Sasuke

'Thank you so much for my gift voucher - I was definitely not expecting
that.  Can I also say thank you for the promt delivery of my jacket -
I love it'.Sherinne





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